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SQL Server 2008 Resource Center
SQL Server 2008 Resources
Online Transaction Processing in SQL Server 2008
White paper: “Online Transaction Processing in SQL Server 2008,” from Microsoft. Discusses what transaction processing is, scale and performance, high availability, security and manageability.
SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Data Platform Develo
White paper: “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Data Platform Development,” from Microsoft. Discusses what the data platform is, improved productivity, the ADO.NET entity framework, LINQ, visual Studio, the comprehensive data platform, data connectivity technologies, rich data programmability capabilities; your data, any place, any time; scalable data-centric solutions, scalable data storage, and scalable data applications.
Programming SQL Server 2008
Article: “Programming SQL Server 2008,” by Vaughn Washington. Discusses choosing a data access technology, new programming constructs (table-valued parameters), new building blocks (new and enhanced Date and Time types), removing size limitations, system types, and putting the pieces together.
A Look at SQL Server 2008
Article: "A Look at SQL Server 2008," by Paul Thurrott. Discusses what SQL Server is, SQL Server today, moving to Katmai (code name for SQL Server 2008), trusted platform, abilities, dynamic development, pervasive insight, and scheduling and pricing.
SQL Server 2008 Manageability
Atricle: "SQL Server 2008 Manageability," from Microsoft. Discusses automating management with SQL Server 2008, optimizing performance with SQL Server 2008, and scalable management with SQL Server 2008.
SQL Server 2008 Product Overview
White paper: “SQL Server 2008 Product Overview,” from Microsoft. Discusses the SQL Server 2008 Data Platform Version, what’s new in SQL Server 2008, mission critical platform, dynamic development, beyond relational data, and pervasive business insight.
SQL Server 2008 for Data Warehousing
White paper: “Choosing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for Data Warehousing,” from Microsoft. Discusses what data warehousing is, the state of data warehousing, the realities of data warehousing today, and putting the technology set together.
Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008
White paper: “Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2008,” from Microsoft. Discusses what business intelligence (BI) is, unifying data storage and access, building and managing sophisticated BI solutions, and extending the reach of your BI solution.
Server Consolidation with SQL Server 2
White paper: “Server Consolidation with SQL Server 2008,” from Microsoft. Discusses what server consolidation is, flexibility, manageability, and scalability and performance.
SQL Server 2008 New DATETIME Data Types
Article: “SQL Server 2008 New DATETIME Data Types,” by Dinesh Asanka. Discusses the DATE data type, the TIME data type, the DATETIME2 data type, the DATETIMEOFFSET data type, DateTime functions, the CONVERT function, and points to remember.
SQL Server Tips
The website has a daily SQL Server tip. Additional resources include webinars, a newsletter, a list of the recent tips, a list of tips submitted by the community, forums, blogs, product information, and downloads.
Installing SQL Server 2008
Article: “Installing SQL Server 2008,” by Don Schlichting. Discusses the steps involved for the installation of SQL Server 2008 including: SQL Server 2008 setup, system configuration check, components to install, SQL Server Database Services, analysis services, reporting services, integration services and setup.

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