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SQL Server 2008 Resource Center
SQL Server 2008 Resource Sites
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Site
The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 site. Resources includes product information, how to buy, editions, downloads, support, features, technologies, solutions, community, future versions, Microsoft servers, the SQL Server TechCenter, the SQL Server Developer Center, the SQL Server Support center, news and reviews, and links for test driving the SQL Server 2008, the datasheet, webcasts and podcasts, the SQL Server 2008 virtual labs, technical resources and the data platform insider.
SQL Server TechCenter
Microsoft TechNet SQL Server TechCenter. Resources include downloads, support, forums, updates, articles, tutorials, getting started articles, how to get SQL Server 2008, installation information, SQL Server Team blogs, recent projects from CodePlex and recent forum posts.
SQL Server 2008 CTP
The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 CTP (Community Technology Preview) site. Resources include registration for the SQL Server 2008 CTP program, downloads, upcoming events, what's new in SQL Server 2008, surveys, and links to the SQL Server products site, the SQL Server Connect Feedback, MSDN SQL Server forums, CodePlex Community samples, and an SQL Server 2008 overview (white paper).

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