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SQL Server 2008 Resource Center
SQL Server 2008 Blogs
SQL Server 2008 Application Compatibility Blog
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Application Compatibility Blog. Topics include upgrading to SQL Server 2008, the SQL Server Upgrade Assist, upgrade paths, upgrade tools and their history, SQL Server Upgrade Assistant, governance, SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) performance, Declarative Management Framework (DMF), core databases, manageability, performance and scalability, and security.
SQL Server Express WebLog
The SQL Server Express blog. Topics include creating reports in SQL Express 2008, what's new in SQL Server Express 2008 (including data types, database engine improvements, programmability, and productivity), the SQL Express SP2 Bootstrapper, backup and restore with user instances, SQL Express SP2 update, links to archived blogs, FAQs and product information.

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Update :: October 19, 2019