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Deitel® & Associates Launches Facebook® Social Ads™ Resource CenterMinimize
Deitel & Associates' Resource Center is an extensive guide for brands and businesses looking to utilize Facebook Ads system to virally spread their marketing messages.
Maynard, MA, November 14, 2007—Deitel & Associates' new Facebook® Social Ads™ Resource Center includes an extensive set of business resources on social advertising, viral marketing and how the Facebook Ads system promotes brands and businesses. "Social Ads is a component of the Facebook Ads system, which also includes Facebook Pages and Facebook Insight," said Abbey Deitel, President of Deitel and Associates. "Facebook's advertising system allows your business to create a presence on Facebook and utilize the social graph, the network where users communicate and share information, to virally spread your marketing messages. Our Resource Center introduces you to the functions and features of Facebook Ads, and the other business solutions and tools available for you to promote your business." 
The Facebook Social Ads Resource Center, available at, includes links to Facebook Ads components, marketing tools, articles, blogs, business models, affiliate companies and ad network companies. Related Deitel Resource Centers include Facebook Developer Platform, Affiliate Programs, Social Networking, Community Generated Content, Internet Advertising, Website Monetization, Build Web Communities and more.
For further information about Deitel & Associates, the Facebook Social Ads Resource Center, or other Deitel Resource Centers, contact Abbey Deitel or visit

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Deitel & Associates, Inc., is an internationally recognized corporate training and content-creation organization specializing in computer programming languages, Internet and World Wide Web software technology, object technology education, and Internet business development through its Web 2.0 Internet Business Initiative. The company provides in­structor-led courses on major programming languages and platforms, including Java™, C++, C, C#, Visual C++®, Visual Basic®, XML, object technology and Internet and web program­ming. Deitel's clients include many of the world’s largest companies, government agencies, branches of the military, and academic institutions. Through its 31-year publish­ing partnership with Prentice Hall and its parent, Pearson Education, Deitel & Associates, Inc. publishes leading-edge pro­gramming textbooks, professional books, interactive multimedia Cyber Classrooms, web-based training courses, video courses and e-content.




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