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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Resource Center


Google Web Toolkit Articles
"Kickstarting Google Web Toolkit on the Client Sid
Article: "Kickstarting Google Web Toolkit on the Client Side," by Simon Morris. Discusses what the GWT is, getting started with the GWT, and the project Tree.
"Google Helps Developers Build AJAX Apps..."
Article: "Google Helps Developers Build AJAX Apps in Java, Launches Google Web Toolkit: Write Front End in Java then GWT Compiler Converts Java Classes to Browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML," by the AJAXWorld News Desk.
"Googled by GWT, Part 2"
Article: "Googled by GWT, Part 2: Yes, Ermintrude, there is an alternative to AJAX," by John Hunt. Discusses basic UI components, the anatomy of a GWT application, running in hosted mode and running in web mode.
"Googled by GWT, Part 1"
Article: "Googled by GWT, Part 1: Yes, Ermintrude, there is an alternative to AJAX," by John Hunt. Provides an overview of the GWT, and discusses setting up an Eclipse GWT project.
"Hot Skills: Google Web Toolkit Offers an Easy..."
Article: "Hot Skills: Google Web Toolkit Offers an Easy Route to JavaScript," by Nick Langley of ComputerWeekly. Provides an overview of the GWT and how it is used.
"Ajax for Java Developers"
Article: "Ajax for Java Developers: Exploring the Google Web Toolkit," by Philip McCarthy. Discusses a simple GWT example, building an application, developing the basic GUI, adding styling with CSS, adding client-side behavior, client-side debugging with the GWT shell, communicating with server-side components, invoking the service from the client, the need for server-side validation, calling native JavaScript with JSNI, why use GWT, and the case for code generation.
"Interview: Real-World Experience with Google..."
Article: "Interview: Real-World Experience with Google Web Toolkit (GWT)" by Timothy M. O'Brien. This interview with Michael Podrazik of Grassroots Technologies discusses why he selected the GWT for a current development project and his experience working with it.

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