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Dive Into® Series Introduction to XML Programming

XML How to Program

© 2001
ISBN: 0130284173

Product Info

Dive Into XML in this course which focuses on XML-based systems development. Topics covered include HTML, XHTML™, CSS™, DTD, schema, parsers, DOM™, SAX, XPath, XLink, XML, Namespaces and XSL™.


  • General familiarity with your operating system environment
  • Ability to create and edit text files.

Course Outline

  • Create XML markup
  • To understand the role of an XML parser in XML-based software development
  • To understand XML namespaces
  • Create Document Type Definition (DTD) files
  • Create Schema documents
  • Programmatically manipulate XML documents using the Document Object Model (DOM™)
  • Read data from an XML document using the Simple API for XML (SAX)
  • Write XML Path Language (XPath) expressions to locate data in an XML document
  • Transform XML documents into HTML documents using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
  • Format XML documents using Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects (XSL-FO)
  • Link resources using the XML Linking Language (XLink)

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