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Dive Into® Series Training: Java™ for C and C++ Programmers
(5-Day Corporate On-Site Training Course)
Java How to Program, 7/e
Java How to Program, 7/e cover

© 2007
pages: 1596

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Note: We customize every course to the client's unique needs at no additional charge. Any topics can be selected from Java How to Program, 7/e. Please see the detailed table of contents for more information.
We teach this course from our book Java How to Program, 7/e—the world's all-time, best-selling Java textbook.
This course presents object-oriented programming with the Java programming language. Key topics include the Java Development Kit (JDK), Java 5.0, classes, objects, encapsulation, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, packages, event-driven programming, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), exception handling, basic multithreading, file processing, networking and generics. Students create Java applications, understand Java object-oriented programming, learn to use various Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and participate in extensive laboratory assignments for hands on experience.
  • General familiarity with your operating system environment
  • Ability to program in C or C++
In this course, you will learn
  • Java Standard Edition (Java SE) 5.0
  • Building, compiling and running applications with the Java Development Kit version 5.0
  • Java virtual machine (JVM)
  • Java Applications Programming Interface (API)
  • Formatted keyboard input with class Scanner
  • Formatted output with System.out.printf and class Formatter
  • Arithmetic, increment, decrement, assignment, relational, equality and logical operators
  • Control statements—if, if...else, switch, while, do...while and for
  • Primitive types and their corresponding Java API classes
  • Boxing and unboxing of primitive values
  • Methods, method overloading, variable-length argument lists
  • Arrays and strings as Java objects
  • Passing arrays to methods
  • Object-oriented programming concepts including objects, classes, encapsulation, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, abstract methods and software reuse
  • Static methods and class variables
  • Packages and creating reusable libraries
  • Exception handling
  • Event-driven GUI programming
  • GUI components including buttons, labels, check boxes, radio buttons, comboboxes, text fields, lists, panels, frames, text areas, sliders and others
  • Controlling screen layouts with layout managers
  • Garbage collection
  • Basic multithreading with the concurrency API
  • File processing
  • Networking
  • Generics and collections
  • $12,995 lecture fee (for up to 20 students)
  • plus materials (approximately $75 per student)
  • plus instructor travel reimbursement

For more information about this course, please e-mail us or call (978)-823-0130.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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