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Advanced Java™ Programming

Advanced Java™ 2 Platform How to Program

© 2002
ISBN: 0130895601

Product Info

[Note: We now have a variety of more specific Advanced Topics available based on our text book Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program (August 2001). For more information please contact us at or 978-823-0130.]

This lecture/lab course with demos includes topics of strong interest to hands-on Java developers. Topics include: Swing GUI components, multithreading and thread synchronization techniques, object-serialization, accessing a database with Java Database Connectivity JDBC, multi-tier distributed computing, enhancing Web server functionality through Servlets, communicating between Java programs with Remote Method Invocation (RMI), the Collections API, and building JavaBeans. The networking part of the course takes a top-down approach in which we cover the highest-level view of networking (Servlets), followed by a lower-level view of networking (RMI) and finishing with TCP/IP-based socket and datagram networking. All graphical user interfaces are presented using Java's Swing GUI components. This course is for Java programmers, who are proficient in the following topics: Java syntax, Java class hierarchy, using the on-line API documentation, applets and the applet life cycle, applications, object-based programming, object-oriented programming (inheritance and polymorphism), simple graphics programming with class Graphics, basic GUI programming (buttons, labels, text fields, etc.) with the abstract windowing tool kit (java.awt package) or Swing (javax.swing package) and exception handling.


  • Java for C and/or C++ Programmers or equivalent Java programming experience.

Course Outline

Day One

  • Introduction to Design Patterns (discussed throughout course) Multithreaded Programming/Synchronization
  • Thread Lifecycle
  • synchronized Methods
  • Managing Shared Memory
  • File Processing
  • Streams Packages
  • Object Serialization
  • Sequential Access files
  • Random Access files
  • Streams-based Networking (IP)
  • Socket-based Networking Concepts
  • Establishing a Socket connection
  • Using the Java I/O Libraries for transferring data
  • Building multithreaded servers and clients
  • Lab Exercises

Day Two

  • Unicast and Multicast Packet-based Networking (UDP)
  • Packet-based Networking Concepts
  • Creating Packets
  • Unicast Packet Communication
  • Multicast Datagram Packets
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • Desiging Remote Interfaces
  • Building Remote Object Implementations
  • Connecting to Remote Objects
  • Lab Exercises

Day Three

  • JDBC
  • Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Introduction to SQL
  • JDBC Drivers
  • Establishing Connections
  • Performing Queries/Inserts/Updates/Deletes
  • Prepared Statements
  • Transactions
  • XML and the Java APIs for XML Processing
  • Introduction to XML
  • Document Object Model
  • DTDs and Schemas for Validation
  • eXtensible Stylesheets Language for Transformations
  • Lab Exercises

Day Four

  • Java Servlets
  • Servlet Architecture
  • Handling HTTP Requests (get and post)
  • Redirecting Requests
  • Maintaining Session State (Cookies and URL Rewriting)
  • JDBC and Servlets
  • Lab Exercises

Day Five

  • Advanced Swing GUI Components and the Model-View-Controller Architecture
  • JList
  • JTable
  • JTree
  • Custom CellRenderers
  • Actions and the Command design pattern
  • JavaBeans Component Development
  • JavaBeans Design Patterns
  • Packaging JavaBeans
  • Properties and Customizers
  • Introspection and Reflection
  • Lab Exercises


  • $13,995 lecture fee (for up to 20 students)
  • plus materials (approximately $40-75 per student)
  • plus instructor travel reimbursement

For more information about this course, please e-mail us or call (978)-823-0130.

Please Note: There is no additional cost for customizing course curriculum or outlines.

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