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Network effects from user contributions are the key to market dominance in the Web 2.0 era.

Tim OReilly

Link by link, click by click, search is building possibly the most lasting, ponderous, and significant cultural artifact in the history of humankind: the Database of Intentions.

John Battelle, The Search

Web 2.0 is a massive social experiment...this is an opportunity to build a new kind of internationalunderstanding...citizen to citizen, person to person.

Lev Grossman, TIME

One of the powerful things about networking technology like the Internet or the Web or the Semantic that the things weve just done with them far surpass the imagination of the people who invented them.

Tim Berners-Lee, interviewed by Peter Moon, IDG Now


Dive Into Web 2.0


In this chapter you will learn:

n The defining characteristics of Web 2.0.

n Why search is fundamental to Web 2.0.

n How Web 2.0 empowers the individual.

n The importance of collective intelligence and network effects.

n The significance and growth of blogging.

n Social networking, social media and social bookmarking.

n How tagging leads to folksonomies.

n How web services enable new applications to be quickly and easily “mashed up” from existing applications.

n Web 2.0 technologies.

n Web 2.0 Internet business and monetization models.

n The emerging Semantic Web (the “web of meaning”).

Update :: January 22, 2020