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Visual Basic 2010 How to Program Cover

ISBN: 0132152134
© 2011, pp. 639

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Visual Basic 2010 How to Program

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Reviewer Testimonials

❝Addressing various business applications, the authors discuss the programming topics needed to implement those applications and provide simple, short, complete examples. Chapter 2 emphasizes how quickly readers can design windows-based user interfaces.❞—Narges Kasiri, Oklahoma State University

❝A well written, authoritative textbook for all those who want to learn Visual Basic programming from the ground up.❞—Dr. Hamid R. Nemati (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

❝Contains the information a non-programmer needs to become a master Visual Basic programmer. Excellent code examples.❞—Jeffrey P. Scott, Blackhawk Technical. College

❝This book teaches you everything you need to know to build great applications the right way.❞—Joe Stagner, Microsoft

❝An enjoyable read—many ‘light bulb’ moments throughout.❞—James Keysor, Florida Institute of Technology

❝I can’t wait to see what amazing things your readers do once they are armed with this new found knowledge.❞—Chris Lovett, Software Architect, Microsoft

❝Test Driving the Painter application in Chapter 1 is interesting for students. The ‘Dive-into VB 2010’ chapter is well written, explained and documented! The nested If...Then...Else examples are well done. Embedding images as resources is well explained. An excellent example of nested repetition statements. The Compound-Interest Calculator application is a great way to hammer home the chapter principles! The files chapter is exceptionally well written. Thank you for mentioning the Object Browser and showing an example; most books do not! The ‘Inheritance and Polymorphism’ chapter is well done. The address book database app was very well done! I especially liked the information on Windows Media Player and printing.❞—Jeffrey P. Scott, Blackhawk Technical College

❝I like the way For...Next loops are conceptually described. The ‘Off-By-One Logic Error’ section is very good. The Dental Payment Calculator application is a very good example. ‘Methods’ is a very good chapter. Good explanation of subroutines vs. functions. The Wage Calculator is a good example. I like your presentations of passing arguments, scope of declarations and random-number generation. ‘Using Arrays to Summarize Poll Results’ is another very good example. The die-rolling program is another great example. The discussion of passing an array to a method is excellent. ‘Classes and Objects’ is a great chapter. The ‘Card Shuffling and Dealing Simulation’ case study is excellent. The inheritance hierarchy for shapes, the polymorphic video game and the ‘Payroll System Class Hierarchy Using Polymorphism’ case study are very good examples.❞—Dr. Hamid R. Nemati, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

❝Excellent update to Deitel’s Visual Basic How to Program that covers Visual Basic 2010. Provides a great, easy-to-read introduction to LINQ. The file processing exercises are interesting. The Inheritance and Polymorphism chapter is well written and the exercises and examples are very good. The Database chapter is well written and easy to understand. I like the way you’ve reworked the treatment of ASP.NET to emphasize visual programming, which makes web app development accessible to novices.❞—José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia, Spain

❝I recommend this book to novices. The best resource to learn object-oriented programming using VB.❞—Jesús Ubaldo Quevedo-Torrero, University of Wisconsin–Parkside

❝I like the ‘Classes and Objects’ chapter; it has great examples.❞—Huanhui Hu, Microsoft Corporation

❝An excellent introduction to LINQ to SQL.❞—Ged Mead, Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic), DevCity.Net

Reviewer Testimonials for the Optional Online Chapters

❝A well-designed introduction to WPF GUI, graphics and multimedia.❞—Amit K. Ghosh, University of Texas, El Paso

❝Impressive introduction to collections and generics!❞—Kim Hamilton, Microsoft

❝Helps you create rich desktop-based Winform or WPF applications, or scalable web-based applications using ASP.NET or Silverlight.❞—Anand Mukundan, Polaris Software Lab Ltd.


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