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Simply Visual Basic 2010
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ISBN: 0-13-299060-1
© 2013, pp. 800

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Simply Visual Basic 2010, 4/e

From the back cover:

Millions of people worldwide have learned programming with Deitel® books, videos, online articles and resource centers. Simply Visual Basic 2010 leverages .NET 4’s true power. Its outstanding pedagogical approach is ideal for introductory programming courses and course sequences.

App-driven, step-by-step approach—Real-world apps such as: Web-Based Bookstore • Address Book • Billing • Car Payments • Check Writer • Class Average • Craps Game • Flag Quiz • Fund Raiser • Graphics Painter • Inventory • Investment Interest • Microwave Oven • Payroll • Screen Scraper • Security Panel • Shipping Hub • Ticket Information • Typing Tutor • Wage Calculator • Weather Information • 100 more in the exercises

Key topics—Visual Basic® 2010 Express IDE • Visual Programming • .NET Framework Class Library • WinForm Controls • Event Handling • Debugging • Control Statements • Methods • Exception Handling • Random Numbers • Arrays • Classes • Objects • Collections • Strings • Files • Graphics • GUI Design • LINQ • ASP.NET 4 • ASP.NET AJAX • WPF • XAML • Database • Web Apps • Visual Web Developer™ 2010 Express IDE

Pedagogic features—Step-by-step explanations show how to build and execute apps, from start to finish • App-driven approach presents programming concepts using complete working real-world apps • Includes 29 chapters and 100 exercises on real-world apps • Skills summaries • Pseudocode • Integrated debugging sections and exercises • Reliability, performance and usability tips • Self-review questions and answers after each section • At the end of most chapters: 10 multiple-choice questions, “What does this code do?” and “What’s wrong with this code?” exercises, and four real-world programming exercises, including a “Programming Challenge” • GUI design guidelines • Key Terms sections in every chapter and a glossary • Instructor resources: PowerPoint® slides, solutions manual and test-item file

Comments from Recent Editions Reviewers

  • "The use of graphics and common app topics will capture student interest. The step-by-step approach enables students to work independently. The integrated debugging is superior to the pedagogic approach taken by competing textbooks. I highly recommend the book for students new to computer programming as well as those learning a subsequent programming language." —Douglas B. Bock, PhD Professor of Computer Management and Information Systems, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET technologies (MCSD.NET)
  • "A fun way of learning VB. Tips and hands-on guidance give readers an amazing running start in software development." —April Reagan, Microsoft Corporation
  • "Using real-life case studies is one of the best methods of teaching programming I’ve seen. Superb job! I can’t believe how easy it is to add a database to an app.❞ —Edward Hunter, MSCIS, Chapman University College
  • "A great collection of practical tutorials and exercises for learning Visual Basic. An excellent book!": —Steve Stein, Microsoft Corporation
  • "All you need to start creating great Windows-based and web-based apps with VB. A crystal-clear explanation of the LINQ technology." —José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia
  • "The Building Your Own Classes and Objects chapter is well done. Marvelous work with collections. Very well organized chapter introducing WPF and XAML." —Josh Pauli, PhD Dakota State University
  • "I think the Typing Tutor example is an excellent way to explain windows events and event handling." —Huanhui Hu, Microsoft Corporation
  • "Loaded with labs and examples. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on LINQ and WPF." —Chris Williams, Magenic, Microsoft VB MVP
  • "I can’t imagine any other way of learning Visual Basic as fun, practical and easy as this book. Its excellent writing makes finishing the book a breeze, and the student ends up with a nice set of complete apps that may be of help in future real-world development." —José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia
  • "Simply Visual Basic 2010 is well-grounded in the use of good, object-oriented programming principles. It combines a focus on visual programming with algorithm development. The short chapters map well onto standard, collegiate lecture periods. The main computer program in each chapter is logically designed with current design tools including both pseudocode and ACE tables. These are followed by step-by-step instruction on the computer code used to implement the logic. The explanations are detailed and clear. Each chapter is accompanied by numerous end-of-chapter programming exercises. The coding solutions to the exercises are equivalent to those that would be developed in a commercial programming environment. —Douglas B. Bock, PhD Professor of Computer Management and Information Systems, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET technologies (MCSD.NET)
  • "The authors are very thorough in their presentation of material. The book is well designed to be a teaching text, with the viewpoint of a learner given more attention than in most other textbooks. Code is available electronically so that a reader can test each app. The authors encourage readers to run the app first, and then proceed with a patient development of the app’s code, carefully explaining new features with excellent writing and multiple screen images. Code is shown at multiple stages of development; in this helpful method of presentation, a student can read code from the standpoint of a programmer, rather than being given only a final listing without discussion of how the code was developed. Interspersed with the presentation of new material are short exercises that enable a reader to firm up on new terms and principles." —Laurence R. Boxer, Niagara University and SUNY at Buffalo
  • "The Advanced Painter app is great—students like graphics and [the introductory chapter test-drive] shows some of the capabilities of VB in a very nice fashion. Overall a very well-written chapter; I worked through all of it step by step and it was easy to follow and understand; the exercises will help the students get started with the very detailed IDE. Good discussion of operators. I like the Fuzzy Dice Order Form problem. Car Payment is a great app; displaying different payment levels for different loan periods is very useful for business, and few books present it this way. Nice challenging Pay Raise Calculator. I like [the Security Panel app]. [The Income Tax Calculator App exercise] is a very good lab because of the formula requirements for the income break points. [The Gas Pump App] is a good exercise in terms of using a sub procedure that is generalized along with a Select Case. [The World Clock App exercise] is a nice app. I like [the Fee Calculator App exercise]; it’s very ‘doable’ yet will make the students think, and it’s a very real-world app. [The Schedule Book] is a good exercise. [The Craps Game App; Random Number Generation] is a solid chapter that is easy to follow, yet demanding in terms of the ability to develop algorithms; the exercises in this chapter all reinforce different learning points and I like them a lot; I could use any of them in different semesters as assignments. [The Cafeteria Survey App] is a good exercise. [The Microwave Oven App; Building Your Own Classes and Objects chapter] is just right; this is a solid chapter; it does an excellent job of explaining the development of a class and the Get and Set accessors; I think probably the best job I’ve seen in a book.❞ —Douglas B. Bock, Ph.D, Professor of Computer Management and Information Systems, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET technologies (MCSD.NET)
  • "Your introductory chapter is even better; I especially liked the automobile as an object analogy, and the focus on Making a Difference exercises. I like your explanation of pass-by-value vs. pass-by-refence; it’s very clear and accurate. The Database chapter is very well written and easy to understand. I like the way your treatment of ASP.NET emphasizes visual programming, which makes web app development very accessible to novices." —José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia
  • "A good introduction to the history of computing and basic vocabulary for a programming course. A solid treatment of the IDE tools the beginner must learn. A good introduction to sequential files and file operations." —Laurence R. Boxer, Niagara University and SUNY at Buffalo
  • "Helps you create rich desktop-based Winform or WPF apps, or scalable web-based apps using ASP.NET." —Anand Mukundan, Polaris Software Lab
  • "The Address Book Database app was very well done!" —Jeffrey P. Scott, Blackhawk Technical College
  • "The best explanation and simple demonstration of AJAX that I’ve seen." —Christopher J. Olson, Dakota State University

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