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Errata: Visual Basic .NET How to Program, 2/e

We wish to thank our many readers who took the time to email us with errata. If you find errata not listed on this page, please email us at Remember to include the book title and edition.

Note: You can determine which printing you have by looking at the bottom of the back of the second physical page in the book (page iv, but it has no page number). Just above the ISBN number is a list of numbers. For the first printing of the book, the list appears as follows:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

The last number in the list is the printing number. So the above list indicates printing 1 and the following list indicates printing 2:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Chapter 3

  • Pg. 64 Middle of page, "Keyword Sub (line 7) begins..." Line 6 should be referenced instead of line 7.
  • p. 73, towards bottom of page:

                        Line 20

       secondNumber = Console.ReadLine()

      should be:

                        Line 24

                               number2 = secondNumber


Chapter 5

  • p.169 Fig. 5.22 caption, "and associativity" should be removed.

Chapter 6

  • p.191 Fig. 6.4, line 40, line should end with a line continuation character ("_").
  • p.191 Fig. 6.4, line 41, line should contain "As Double".
  • p. 207, approximately mid-page, the expression "x <= x + randomObject.Next(y) < y" should be "x <= x + randomObject.Next(y) < x + y"
  • pg. 209-210, Fig. 6.15, On lines 21 and 38, randomNumber should be randomObject. The code on the book’s CD is correct.
  • page 220, Line 22 of Fig. 6.19 is not necessary to run the program.

Chapter 7

  • p.250 Fig. 7.2, line 15, "&=" should be "=".
  • p.252 Fig. 7.3, line 27, "&=" should be "=".
  • p.254 Fig. 7.5, line 26, "&=" should be "=".
  • p.256 Fig. 7.6, line 16, "&=" should be "=".
  • p.280 Fig. 7.15, "Column index (or" should be "Column index (or subscript)".

Chapter 8

  • page 314 2nd line of 2nd paragraph, text "set (i.e., obtain the values of)" should be "get (i.e., obtain the values of)"
  • p. 322, Fig. 8.8, Method CheckDay will allow day values over 31 during the leap year. This is due to the fact that there are certain parentheses missing in the condition on lines 51-53. The corrected code can be found here.
  • p.348, Exercise 8.4 should read:
    Modify the CDay class of Fig. 8.8 to provide a method NextDay to increment the day by one.
    The CDay object should always remain in a consistent state. Write a program that tests the NextDay
    method in a loop that prints the date during each iteration of the loop to illustrate that the NextDay
    method works correctly. Be sure to test the following cases:

    a) Incrementing into the next month.
    b) Incrementing into the next year.

Chapter 9

  • p.366 line 12, "CPoint" should be "CPoint2".
  • p.370 line 42, "CCircle" should be "CCircle4".
  • p. 381, sentence number 2 it says "CCircle5 constructor" two times. The second constructor called should be "CPoint3 constructor".

Chapter 12

  • p.502 Fig. 12.25, "TextBox" should be "RadioButton" in the second line of the description.

Chapter 13

  • p.571 First paragraph, third sentence and last sentence, "LayoutMdi enumeration" should be "MdiLayout enumeration".

Chapter 14

  • p.614, output, first line, "Occupied C" should be "Occupied Count".
  • p.617, first paragraph, second line, added one space before "performs".

Chapter 15

  • p.650, Second paragraph, third sentence from bottom, "string1" should be "string2".
  • p. 658, 2nd paragraph, line 4: “The sum of the starting subscript and the number of characters to be deleted must always be less than the length of the StringBuilder.” should be “The sum of the starting subscript and the number of characters to be deleted must always be less than or equal to the length of the StringBuilder.”
  • p.659, Fig. 15.14, line 49, ".333" should be "33.3".
  • p. 665, line 86 of Fig. 15.18: deck.GetUpperBound( 0 ) should be deck.Length. Original code only deals 51 cards, corrected code deals 52. New code:
  • p.670, Fig. 15.21, caption, "used regular" should be "used in regular".

Chapter 16

  • p.685, "SolidBrush" and "TextureBrush" should not be directly beneath "System.Drawing".
  • p.708, second paragraph, third line, "++" should be "99".
  • page 708 2nd line of 1st paragraph, "Lines 25-25" should be "Lines 25-26"
  • p.724, line 184, "pain" should be "paint".
  • p.725, second line in paragraph, "Panel" should be "PictureBox".
  • p.727, third line in first paragraph, "Panel" should be "PictureBox".
  • p.727, fourth line in third paragraph, "Panel" should be "PictureBox".
  • p.728, third line from the bottom of the first paragraph, "Panel" should be "PictureBox".

Chapter 17

  • page 754 End of 4th paragraph, "fieldsand" should be "fields and"


Chapter 18

  • page 835 3rd line of final paragraph on page, "elemnent" should be "element"
  • p.844, Line 72, line should not contain a "/" character after ">".
  • p.878, Line 5, "i"-like character preceding "biztalkmarkup.xml" should be deleted.

Chapter 19

  • p.890, Section 19.3, first paragraph, the sentences "We provide a script..." and "Section 19.6 ..." should be deleted.
  • p.893, Fig. 19.10, "copyright" and "publisherID" column heads should be reversed. This affects pages 894 and 895 as well.
  • p.895, Last paragraph, first line, a space is needed between "the" and "relationship".
  • p.913, Section 19.6 title, "DBMS" should be "Database".
  • p.934, Fig. 19.31 caption, "DataSet in XMLWriter" should be "WriteXML".
  • p.936, In fifth bullet, "table2" should be "INNER JOIN table2" and "WHERE"should be "ON".

Chapter 20

  • pages 947-948 The line numbers from the paragraph that begins "For this first ASPX file..." until Portability Tip 20.1 are all one value lower than they should be (i.e., if there is a reference to line 10, it should be to line 11).
  • page 965, 2nd paragraph, "line 33" should be "line 34"
  • p.991, Fig. 20.30, Line 1, "OptionsPe2.aspx.vb" should be "OptionsPage.aspx.vb".
  • Page 1008, Lines 47-49 of Fig. 20.39, Comment should read: "if page does not load due to postback, page is loading for first time, and should process information"
  • p.1011, First paragraph, second to last sentence, "Authors" should be "Users" and "Books" should be "Login".
  • p.1011, First paragraph, last sentence, "author" should be "user".
  • p.1011, Second paragraph, "authors'" should be "users'".
  • p.1014, Fig. 20.41, Line 1, ".cs" should be ".vb".
  • Examples for Section 20.8 of this book are in folder Fig20_37.

Chapter 21

  • p.1060, Line 145 should be moved to Line 138.

Chapter 22

  • p.1098, The line "TcpListener server = New TcpListener( port )" should be "Dim server As TcpListener = New TcpListener( port )".
  • p.1099, The line "Socket connection = server.AcceptSocket()" should be "Dim connection As Socket = server.AcceptSocket()".
  • p.1100, The line "TcpClient client = New TcpClient()" should be"Dim client As TcpClient = New TcpClient()".
  • IF YOU ARE USING VB .NET 2003 the examples need to be modified slightly. New examples can be downloaded from

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