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Errata: Simply Visual Basic .NET: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach, 1/e

We wish to thank our many readers who took the time to email us with errata. If you find errata not listed on this page, please email us at Remember to include the book title and edition.

Note: You can determine which printing you have by looking at the bottom of the back of the second physical page in the book (page iv, but it has no page number). Just above the ISBN number is a list of numbers. For the first printing of the book, the list appears as follows:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

The last number in the list is the printing number. So the above list indicates printing 1 and the following list indicates printing 2:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Tutorial 11

  • page 225, Executing the For/Next Statement:
    - the implied loop-continuation condition is <= 10, not < 10.
    - intCounter ends on 12 and fails, not 10.

Tutorial 12

  • page 246, Self-Review Question 2: B it should be D.

Tutorial 13

  • page 276, Step 2 of creating a function should say "Calculate" not "Calculate Hypotenuse".

Tutorial 24

  • page 566, line 50 needs an e followed by a closed parenthesis.
  • page 567, line 72 needs a ).

Tutorial 25

  • Example update: (120K) [Notes: 1. The database had a typo, and the new database provided should be used. 2. On some machines, the parameter mentioned on pg. 602 will be Original_AccountNumber, not ORIGINAL_AccountNumber. When creating the application, the reader should be careful to take note of which parameter is created for them, and use the proper identifier in the code (line 603 of Fig. 25.33).

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Simply Visual Basic .NET Cover

ISBN: 0131405535
© 2003

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Update :: December 08, 2019