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Java How to Program 8/e Cover

ISBN: 0136053068
© 2010, pp. 1560

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Java How to Program, 8/e

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Reviewer Testimonials

"An easy-to-read conversational style. Clear code examples propel readers to become proficient in Java."—Patty Kraft, San Diego State University

"A great textbook with a myriad of examples from various application domains—excellent for a typical CS1 or CS2 course."—William E. Duncan, Louisiana State University

"This new edition is updated to reflect the state of the art in Java technologies and, as always, its deep and crystal clear explanations make it indispensable."—José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia

"Introduces the ideas of good design practices and methodologies right from the beginning. An excellent starting point for developing high-quality robust Java applications."—Simon Ritter, Sun Microsystems

"I recommend my students get the Deitel book for a thorough understanding of Java."—Susan Rodger, Duke University

"Easy-to-follow examples provide great teaching opportunities! I’m very happy to see this [optional] ‘graphics track’ early in the book—very well done. The exercises are challenging and will be fun for the students. OO design techniques
are incorporated throughout."—Sue McFarland Metzger, Villanova University

"Gives new programmers the benefit of the wisdom derived from many years of software development experience."—Edward F. Gehringer, North Carolina State University

"I applaud the authors for their considerable investment in topical research and in developing illustrative examples. Excellent tutorial-style overview of OO systems analysis and design."—Ric Heishman, George Mason University

"I think the new “Making a Difference” exercises are inspired—they have a real contemporary feeling, both in their topics and in the way they encourage the student to gather data from the Internet and bring it back to the question
at hand."—Vince O’Brien, Pearson Education (our publisher)

"Provides a solid foundation for programming in Java. Most major concepts are illustrated by complete, annotated programs. The treatment is comprehensive and detailed. There are abundant exercises to hone your understanding
of the material."—Shyamal Mitra, University of Texas at Austin

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