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JavaScript for Programmers Cover

ISBN: 0137001312
© 2010, pp. 448

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  • XHTML®
  • CSS®
  • JavaScript™: Control Statements,
  • Functions, Arrays, Objects
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • XHTML DOM®: Objects and Collections
  • JavaScript Event-Driven Programming
  • XML® and RSS
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)
  • XMLHttpRequest
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • Consuming Web Services
  • And more…


The practicing programmer’s Deitel® guide to XHTML®, CSS®, JavaScript, XML® and Ajax RIA development. 


This book applies the Deitel signature live-code approach to teaching the client side of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development. The book presents concepts in the context of 100+ fully tested programs (6,000+ lines of code), complete with syntax shading, detailed descriptions and sample outputs. The book features over 150 tips that will help you build robust client-side web applications.


Start with an introduction to Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML®) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS®), then rapidly move on to the details of JavaScript™ programming. Finish with more advanced client-side development technologies including XHTML’s Document Object Model (DOM®), Extensible Markup Language (XML®), XML’s DOM, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). When you’re finished, you’ll have everything you need to build the client side of Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). The book culminates with several substantial Ajax-enabled RIAs, including a book cover viewer (JavaScript/DOM), an address book (Ajax/consuming web services) and a calendar application (Ajax/Dojo/consuming web services).


TheDeitel® Developer Seriesis designed for professional programmers. The series presents focused treatments of emerging technologies, including .NET, Java™, web services, Internet and web development and more.          


Pre-Publication Reviewer Testimonials


“One of the best introductions to JavaScript.”—Raymond Wisman, Indiana University Southeast


“Cements the browser as a first-class development platform.”—Johnvey Hwang, Splunk, Inc.


“Excellent for learning to develop standards-compliant web applications.”—Paul Vencill, MITRE, Inc.


“The CSS chapter is compact, concise and full of useful info!”—Billy B. L. Lim, Illinois State University


“A good introduction to the DOM; doesn’t trip over cross-browser incompatibilities.”—Eric Lawrence, Microsoft


“Exceptionally clear Ajax tutorial; best I’ve reviewed! Great solutions for the very cool type-ahead and edit-in-place Ajax features. ‘Libraries to Help Eliminate Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues’ is fantastic. This book and your websites will be often-visited resources (if not best practices in themselves).”—John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O. Inc.


“I wish I’d had this when I was learning to program.”—Joe Kromer, New Perspective


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