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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 5/e

Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Abbey Deitel


  • Covers the latest HTML5, CSS3, Canvas and JavaScript features, including new input and page structure elements, audio, video, web storage, animation, transitions, transformations, text effects, flexboxes, media queries, quadratic and Bezier curves, games and much more.
  • Rich coverage of programming fundamentals in JavaScript (ECMAScript 5).
  • DOM, XML, JQuery, JSON and web services.
  • Ajax, Rich Internet Applications.
  • Tested applications in seven browsers: Google Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Opera™, iPhone®/iPad® and Android™.
  • Web servers (Apache™, IIS), databases (MySQL®, SQL Server® Express, Java™ DB), PHP, ASP.NET, JavaServer™ Faces.
  • Printed book contains HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, web servers, database, server-side PHP, ASP.NET (in C#) and web services (in C#).
  • Online chapters include JSF, ASP.NET (in VB), web services (in Java and VB), and notes on WebSockets and Web Workers.
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Reviewer Testimonials


"Love the new HTML5 treatment. This is much needed and ahead of all other texts. The examples are extremely helpful from a teaching standpoint. Great coverage of CSS3. The examples are a perfect fit for the discussion material. A great JavaScript introduction. Appropriate for new students and seasoned programmers. Effective for the classroom or learn-at-your-pace online courses. I love the simplicity of the examples."—C. Christopher Horton, PhD, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

"A one-stop shop for learning web programming."—Anand Narayanaswamy,

"Excellent for learning to develop standards-compliant web applications…takes you from the browser to the server and the database, across many programming languages."—Paul Vencill, MITRE, Inc.

"Cements the browser as a first-class development platform."—Johnvey Hwang, Splunk, Inc.

"Solid introduction to PHP. Inspired me to tighten up my code!"—John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O. Inc.

"Excellent book, both for individuals new to the web and for those seeking to move to HTML5 and CSS3. Provides an excellent start on HTML coding for my students and the update to HTML5 is very important. Provides good coverage of the new HTML5 input types and page structure elements. The new features of CSS3 are particularly exciting. Extensive exercises are helpful to instructors when the book is used as a text."—Roy B. Levow, Florida Atlantic University

"The [JavaScript Control Statements] concepts are well written and logically organized. The examples will keep student interest. The breadth and depth are outstanding. The exercises are perfect for the material. A great chapter for introducing and creating [JavaScript] functions. The [JavaScript Arrays] chapter is short and packed with tons of information. The examples are well formulated and the exercises are a good fit for the material. Students love these types of examples!"—C. Christopher Horton, Ph D, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

"Exceptionally clear Ajax tutorial—best I’ve reviewed! Great solutions for the very cool type-ahead and edit-in-place Ajax features. ‘Libraries to Help Eliminate Cross-Browser Compatibility Issues’ is fantastic. This book and your websites will be often-visited resources (if not best practices in themselves)."—John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O.

"The most comprehensive resource of its kind I’ve seen."—Jesse James Garrett, Adaptive Path

"Easy to follow JSF development."—John Peterson, Insync and V.I.O. Inc.

"Excellent coverage of the most important features and techniques of developing ASP.NET applications, with plenty of sample code."—Peter Bromberg, VOIP, Inc.

"A good introduction to the DOM; doesn’t trip over cross-browser incompatibilities."—Eric Lawrence, Microsoft

"Describes the key concepts of relational database systems, and never loses itself in theoretical reflection. Gets the novice started, including essential SQL constructs."—Roland Bouman, MySQL AB

"I wish I had had this when I was learning to program."—Joe Kromer, New Perspective

"A comprehensive education on Web 2.0."—George Semeczko, Independent Consultant

"A good start for beginners interested in Cascading Style Sheets and an incentive to start getting involved in web development."—Ignacio Ricci,

"Covers a lot of the features of HTML5 a developer needs to build websites. It’s easy-to-follow and makes it fun. A great overview of the fun new features in CSS3."—Jennifer Kyrnin, Web Design Guide at

"A great introduction to algorithms and problem solving in code. I like the way arithmetic concepts and their JavaScript counterparts are explained. Represents a starting point for students to learn the ropes and get excited about what is out there to find and use in future projects."—Christian Heilmann, Mozilla



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