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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 5/e Cover

ISBN-10: 0-13-215100-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-215100-9
© 2012, pp. 960

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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 4/e

Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel

© 2008, 1400pp., paper (0-13-175242-1)

Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 4/e introduces students with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-based applications. The book has been substantially reworked to reflect today’s Web 2.0 rich Internet application-development methodologies. A comprehensive book that teaches the fundamentals needed to program on the Internet, this text provides in-depth coverage of introductory programming principles, various markup languages (XHTML, Dynamic HTML and XML), several scripting languages (JavaScript, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails and Perl), Ajax, web services, Web servers (IIS and Apache) and relational databases (MySQL/Apache Derby/Java DB)—all the skills and tools needed to create dynamic Web-based applications. The text contains comprehensive introductions to ASP .NET 2.0 and JavaServer Faces (JSF). Hundreds of live-code examples of real applications throughout the book allow readers to run the applications and see and hear the outputs. The book provides instruction on building Ajax-enabled rich Internet applications that enhance the presentation of online content and give web applications the look and feel of desktop applications. The chapter on Web 2.0 and Internet business exposes readers to a wide range of other topics associated with Web 2.0 applications and businesses. After mastering the material in this book, students will be well prepared to build real-world, industrial-strength, Web-based applications.

New Features:

  • New focus on Web 2.0 technologies and concepts.
  • New focus on building rich Internet applications with the interactivity of desktop applications.
  • New chapter on building Ajax-enabled web applications.
  • New chapter on building database-driven web applications with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
  • New chapter on web services.
  • New chapter on Web 2.0 and Internet Business.
  • Updated and enhanced PHP chapter.
  • Updated ASP.NET 1.1 coverage to ASP.NET 2.0.
  • New JavaServer Faces (JSF) coverage replaces Servlets and JavaServer Pages.
  • Client-side case studies will enable students to interact with preimplemented server-side applications and web services that we will host at
  • Many supporting Resource Centers at, including Ajax, Apache, Apex, ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, Firefox, Google Web Toolkit, Internet Explorer 7, JavaScript, Mashups, Microformats, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, RSS, Ruby, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web Services and XML.
  • In addition, we provide many Web 2.0, Internet business and social networking Resource Centers, including Affiliate Programs, Alert Services, Attention Economy, Building Web Communities, Community Generated Content, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Services, Google Video, Internet Advertising, Internet Business Initiative, Internet Video, Joost, Link Building, Ning, Podcasting, Recommender Systems, Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization, Skype, Social Networking, Virtual Worlds and Wikis.
  • We’ll be adding several new Resource Centers to support the book, including Website Graphics Tools, Flash, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, Web Multimedia Tools and Web Accessibilty.


I figured that since I was going through these examples from the book, I’d take this opportunity to express to you how much I love this text.  Of all the computer science classes I’ve had and all of the different books I’ve purchased and read as a part of the educational process, yours is by far the best.
Nina Doughty, College Student

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