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Visual C# 2008 How to Program Cover

ISBN: 013605322X
© 2009, pp. 1600

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Visual C# 2008 How to Program, 3/e

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Check out what our reviewers had to say:

"The ultimate, comprehensive book that teaches you how to program using the latest Microsoft technologies. Excellent explanations, lots of examples, all the necessary theoretical background and all the latest technologies for desktop, web and databases. The best overview of Silverlight." –Kirill Osenkov, Microsoft

"An excellent, true objects-first book. Excellent intro to data structures and collections. Demystifies Big O notation. The generics material is a real asset." –Gavin Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology

"The early Introduction to Classes and Objects is brilliant. Coverage of ASP.NET 3.5 is exceptional. Includes a great introduction to ASP.NET AJAX." –José Antonio González Seco, Parliament of Andalusia

"The exercises at the end of the Arrays chapter are quite enjoyable—finishing with the implementation of a virtual machine is really quite something. Great chapter on polymorphism." –Eric Lippert, Microsoft

"Illustrates the best practices of C# programming. Teaches how to ‘program in the large,’ with material on object oriented programming and software engineering principles." –Mingsheng Hong, Cornell University

"Excellent introduction to the world of .NET for the beginning C# programming student, using the Deitels’ live code approach and real-world examples." –Bonnie Berent, Microsoft C# MVP

"I particularly liked the exercises on correcting errors in code. Excellent chapter on exceptions. Very good chapter on Winforms GUIs." –Marcelo Guerra Hahn, Microsoft

"Perfect for students and professionals. Thorough intros to the debugger and LINQ." –Vinay Ahuja, Microsoft

"The TV/video viewer will enthuse students and help them see how complex graphics effects can be created easily in WPF. A good example of data binding in WPF." –Ged Mead, Microsoft MVP, DevCity.Net

"An excellent introduction to XML, LINQ to XML and related technologies." –Helena Kotas, Microsoft

"Good overview of relational databases. It hits on the right LINQ to SQL idioms." –Alex Turner, Microsoft

"Great overview of producing and consuming web services with WCF." –Dan Crevier, Microsoft

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