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Simply C# Cover

ISBN: 0131426419
© 2004, pp. 992

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Simply C#: An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach, 1/e

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Book Information

This book combines the DEITEL signature live-code approach with a new APPLICATION-DRIVEN™ methodology, in which readers build real-world applications that incorporate C# programming fundamentals. Using a step-by-step tutorial approach, readers learn programming basics. Each successive tutorial builds on the readers’ previously learned concepts and introduces new programming features in this comprehensive introduction to C#. We also include higher-end topics such as database programming, multimedia and graphics and Web applications development.


“I’ve already decided to adopt! Showing the student what an application will do, engages the student and provides superior motivation. A great teaching vehicle!” –Peter van de Goes, Rose State College Business and IT Division

“The text is thorough without being overwhelming. It includes GUIs and OOP concepts from the very beginning. Simple C# shows complete application code, not just bits and pieces. And the abundance of applications inspire students to use critical thinking skills.” –Catherine Wyman, DeVry University

“This book is ideal for self-learning. It not only teaches all the important fundamentals of C# but also demonstrates right from the first tutorial how easy it is to rapidly build all kinds of useful applications, especially GUI and Web-based ones, with the most important language in .NET. Anyone can become an effective C# programmer simply by working through this text.” –Jim Huddleston, Independent Consultant

“To get the most of any programming language, one should understand the language deeply. Simple C# makes this learning process simpler and easier by taking an application development approach to explain the basics of the C# language.” –Dharmesh Chauhan, Microsoft

“Simply C# is like a printed mentor.” –Jay Cook, Independent Consultant

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