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C How to Program, 6/e Cover

ISBN: 0132404168
© 2010, pp. 966

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C How to Program, 6/e

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“The extended examples, along with the supporting text, are the best of any of the C texts I’ve seen. Better students can easily skip over unneeded material, but those who are struggling have a wealth of information to help them grasp the material or, at the very least, to help them formulate their questions. Running the code for the supplied examples, especially in debugging mode, in conjunction with reading the text provides students with a laboratory for gaining a thorough understanding of how C works.”—Tom Rethard, The University of Texas at Arlington

“An excellent introduction to the C programming language, with many clear examples. Many of the pitfalls of the C language are clearly identified and concise programming methods are defined to avoid these pitfalls.”—John Benito, Blue Pilot Consulting, Inc., and Convener of ISO WG14—the Working Group Responsible for the C Programming Language Standard

“This is one of the best C programming textbooks on the market. The live-code approach makes it easy to understand the basics of C programming. I highly recommend this textbook as both a teaching text and a reference.”—Xiaolong Li, Indiana State University

Comments from the Fifth Edition Reviewers
“I have been teaching introductory programming courses since 1975, and programming in the C language since 1986. In the beginning there were no good textbooks on C—in fact, there weren’t any! When Deitel, C How to Program, 1/e, came out, we jumped on it—it was at the time clearly the best text on C. The new edition continues a tradition—it’s by far the best student-oriented textbook on programming in the C language—the Deitels have set the standard—again! A thorough, careful, student-oriented treatment of not just the language, but more importantly, the ideas, concepts, and techniques of programming! “Live code” is also a big plus—encouraging active participation by the student. A great text!”—Richard Albright, Goldey-Beacom College

“C How to Program, 5/e, continues a tradition of excellence as a C textbook. It book presents C clearly and accurately, targeting beginning programmers with a well-organized exposition which builds from simple concepts to ultimately describing the complete language. The entire language is presented, which makes the book valuable for experienced programmers. The chapter on game programming using the Allegro library will whet the appetites of many budding programmers. This is an exceptional textbook and reference for the C programmer.”
—Roy Seyfarth, University of Southern Mississippi

“A great book for the beginning programmer. Covers material that will be useful in later programming classes and the job market.”
—Fred J. Tydeman, Tydeman Consulting, Vice-chair of J11 (ANSI “C”)

“Of any C textbook on the market, the Deitel book easily provides the clearest and most in-depth approach to standard C programming for students of all abilities. With the Deitel C textbook, my students have a tremendous resource that will enable them to succeed not only in my classroom but in the professional workplace for years to come.”—William Smith, Tulsa Community College

“This book is an invaluable resource for both beginning and seasoned programmers. The authors’ approach to explaining the concepts, techniques and practices is comprehensive, engaging and easy to understand. This is a must-have book.”
—Bin Wang, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University

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