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C++ How to Program, 6/e Cover

ISBN: 0136152503
© 2008, pp. 1500

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C++ How to Program, 6/e

Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel, both from Deitel & Associates, Inc.
© 2008, 1500 pp., paper (0-13-615250-3)


  • Easy-to-follow, carefully developed early classes and early objects approach
  • Comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in C++
  • Optional automated teller machine (ATM) case study that teaches the fundamentals of software engineering and object-oriented design with the UML™ 2.0
  • Integrated case studies throughout the book including: the Time class (Chapter 9); the Employee class (Chapters 12 and 13) and the GradeBook class (Chapters 3–7)
  • Uses string and vector classes to make earlier examples more object-oriented
  • New introduction to game programming with the OGRE libraries
  • Overview of the forthcoming C++0x standard (due for release in 2009)
  • New coverage of the open source Boost libraries (several of which will be included in the C++0x standard)


“The book is comprehensive, correct and crystal clear. No other textbook comes close in carefully explaining the intricacies of this powerful language.”
— James Huddleston, Independent Consultant

“This new edition signals a significant step in the pedagogic evolution of the Deitel C++ series. The early classes and objects perspective is consistent with current thinking regarding the education of today's software developers.”
— Ric Heishman, Northern Virginia Community College

“I love the optional ATM case study! It can be the capstone experience that combines the building blocks of the language and software engineering concepts into an extremely relevant example.”
— Karen Arlien, Bismarck State College

Other Features

  • CD-ROM with every text includes: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
  • Comprehensive instructors’ resources available in the Cyber Classroom: Test Item File, PowerPoint slides, solutions, and lab manual and course management tools (Instructor Access Kit ISBN 0-13-513280-0)
  • Visit our C++ Programming Resource Center for links to tutorials that will help your students get started with various compilers and IDEs.
  • Web-based Cyber Classroom containing:
    • Complete e-book
    • Audio walkthroughs of code examples
    • Lab Manual
    • Selected student solutions

Looking for this book's Web resources links? They are now part of our C++ Programming Resource Center.

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