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C How to Program, 7/e Cover

ISBN-10: 0-13-299044-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-299044-8
© 2013, pp. 979

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C How to Program, 5/e

The Fifth Edition of the world’s best-selling C textbook is designed for introductory through intermediate courses. Highly practical in approach, it introduces fundamental notions of structured programming and software engineering and gets up to speed quickly. The book covers the full C language, key library functions and object-oriented programming in C++. The Fifth Edition features an updated introduction to C++, based on C++ How To Program, 5/e, and new chapters on the C99 standard, and game programming with the Allegro C library.  

“I have been teaching introductory programming courses since 1975, and programming in the C language since 1986. In the beginning there were no good books on C—in fact there weren't any! When Deitel, C How to Program, 1/e, came out, we jumped on it—it was at the time clearly the best text on C. The new edition continues a tradition—it’s by far the best student-oriented textbook on programming in the C language—the Deitels have set the standard—again! A thorough, careful, student-oriented treatment of not just the language, but more importantly, the ideas, concepts, and techniques of programming! The addition of "live code" is also a big plus—encouraging active participation by the student. A great text!”
—Richard Albright, Goldey-Beacom College.

“C How to Program, 5/e, continues a tradition of excellence as a C textbook. The book presents clearly and accurately, targeting beginning programmers with a well-organized exposition which builds from simple concepts to ultimately describing the complete language. The entire language is presented, which makes the book valuable for experienced programmers. An addition to the fifth edition is a chapter on game programming using the Allegro library, which will whet the appetites of many budding programmers. This is an exceptional textbook and reference for the C programmer.”
—Ray Seyfarth, University of Southern Mississippi.


CD-ROM with every text includes:

• Microsoft® Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition 

Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM (Includes the Test Item File, Instructor’s Manual and PowerPoint slides) 
Companion Website: 

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