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C# For Programmers, 2/e Cover

ISBN: 0131345915
© 2006, pp. 1500

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C# For Programmers, 2/e

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What's New In This Edition
C# for Programmers is a revision of our Deitel Developer Series textbook for professionals. This edition incorporates a carefully developed early classes and early objects approach with comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming. It includes a new, optional automated teller machine (ATM) case study that teaches the fundamentals of software engineering and object-oriented design with the UMLT 2.0. There are additional integrated case studies throughout the book including: the Time class, the Employee class and the GradeBook class. We provide discussions of more advanced topics such as XML, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and web services as well as new topic coverage of partial classes, generics, the My namespace and Visual Studio 2005's updated debugger  features.
Reviewer Comments on C# For Programmers, 2/e
In regards to Chapter 12) "The chapter on exception handling is one, if not the best such chapters I have seen in the 50 plus .NET related books I've read and reviewed. It is concise, progressive and feature complete." -Peter Bromberg, Merrill Lynch and C# MVP
(In regards to Chapter 19) "Leads the reader step-by-step with a powerful approach to many aspects of XML. Very impressive writing and presented extremely well." -Stacey Yasenka, Hyland Software and C# MVP
(In regards to Chapter 26) "This chapter covers almost all different aspects of the Generics. After completing it the programmers should be able to use this good new feature and benefit from it making their programs more robust, easier to maintain as well as increase the performance of existing code, by eliminating unnecessary boxing operations. The style of writing is good and understandable, which makes the chapter good source of information for both experienced programmers and just starting programmers." -Stoicho Gussev, Independent Consultant, Writer and Developer and C# MVP
"Excellent coverage of developing ASP.NET 2.0 applications, with plenty of sample code. The chapter on exception handling is one of, if not the best such chapters I have seen in the 50 .NET related books I've read and reviewed. The chapter on Networking is one of the best I've seen." -Peter Bromberg, Merrill Lynch, C# MVP
"A comprehensive introduction to XML, and one of the clearest tutorials on web services I've read, with great examples. An excellent chapter on generics." -Gavin Osborne, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
"A superb job of clearly integrating the theory of relational databases and SQL with ADO.NET!" -Harlan Brewer, University of Cincinnati
"Excellent introduction to .NET collections." -José Antonio González Seco, Andalucia's Parlamient
"A beautiful presentation of threads." -Pavel Tsekov, Caesar BSC
"The ATM OOD/UML case study is excellent! The implementation of the design developed in the early chapters gives the reader a fantastic model of a real world problem. You hit a home run with this one!" -Catherine Wyman, Devry-Phoenix
"Overall fantastic coverage on inheritance. The examples give a crystal clear picture of inheritance and make the fundamentals very clear." -Dharmesh Chauhan, Microsoft

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